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 MindCapital Opportunity Genuine Review

MindCapital 5 Star Rating Review

My experience with MindCapital couldn't get any better, 
I am giving it not only my Highest Ratings but also
The Highest Recommendation I've ever given to any online business.

I've been a member of many online passive earning programs and was badly scammed by some of them.  I learned my lessons. Now I would never join anything before researching it to my best capabilities and trusting that it is legitimate and profitable. 

I feel very comfortable with my deposit in MindCapital. I am not afraid that the site will disappear, and my and other people's money will be gone. MindCapital is registered and fully legalized in Spain, the country of its origin: https://www.boe.es/borme/dias/2020/01/23/pdfs/BORME-A-2020-15-28.pdf  (please refer to page 3151)

On their Official Facebook Page, we can view countless videos and photos from various MindCapital events and meetings. We can keep in touch with all the happenings, and if needed, get instant support through numerous Facebook Groups and Telegram Channels. 


The founder of the program, Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo  is a real genius who has dedicated his life to the development of winning systems
and has gained economic advantages in environments where nobody had previously earned money.    

Gonzalo García-Pelayo, after winning at casinos, pools, poker, and sports betting, has been able to find a way to make crypto-assets profitable. With all his incredible knowledge and experience, together with a team of experts, he has developed mind.capital 
and made crypto profits accessible to everyone!  


I love the fact that in spite of their high, up to 1.5% daily, historical profitability, MindCapital does not guarantee any minimum return, and also, the fact that it pays itself first.   

Every day, the platform distributes the profits obtained in the previous day. It takes 35% of the profits for management and maintenance costs (they cover with that all referral commission too), and distributes 65% among participants.

And now more about the platform.    

MindCapital back-office is the highest quality back-office I've ever seen inside any online program. Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo has hired a top American company specialized in Blockchain to design it, and it is the friendliest, most transparent back-office possible.    

From our control panel at any time, we can see live how MindCapital Artificial Intelligence algorithms work finding investment opportunities; and, we can see the exact profitability obtained in each operation performed.     

In the history of operations, we can view the exact particulars of the recent successful trades.  For example, we read something like this:   "Explanation of the Operation:  We have bought BTC for GBO at the price of 6314.87£ and we have sold them for USD, at the price of 8308.96$.  When converting USD to GPD with an exchange rate of 0.7639 $/£, we have obtained a profit of 32.34£ for every BTC we have bought. As we have leveraged on an x5, we have obtained a 2.56% return with this operation."  



 We can access our MindCapital back-office from any kind of internet-connected device. We can see the operations performed by the system in real-time, make new contributions (by BTC or a credit or debit card), check the daily earnings, see the balance of our accounts, and make instant withdraws.    

The platform is completely integrated with the blockchain, so both deposits and withdraws are instant. The minimum amount we can deposit is $100, (our deposit is fully withdrawable after the 90 days investment term) and the minimum amount for a withdraw is $50.    

To optimize our profits and take advantage of the immense potential of compound interest, we have the option to automatically reinvest the balance once it reaches the $100 limit.  


My last but not the least point is regarding MindCapital referring program.  No one can register in MindCapital without a sponsor. Correct referring code is required with every free registration.    

As such, members can not only earn 100% passive, but they can also pursue a career with MindCapital. If they share MindCapital opportunity with others, they will earn a daily percentage of profits obtained by their personal referrals, and those obtained by the ones referred by them, up to the 10th level.    

There is a minimum $100 contribution that the sponsor must make to be able to receive the commission and the minimum total contributions amount made by his/her first level referrals. To qualify for the commission, a minimum, established according to the level depth amount, must be deposited.    

That amount goes insane high, up to $100.000 in levels 9 and 10th,  and it stands there as a witness to the HUMONGOUS POTENTIAL of MindCapital participation.  

Whatever your financial situation is right now consider investing with MindCapital at least $100.  I trust it will be the best investment you have ever made online!


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