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In your financial strategy, NEMESIS will be the winning move.


The Nemesis Tokens are the newest creation of our genius founder, Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo

They consist of various, carefully chosen crypto-currencies.  
Each group of NEMESIS Tokens has a tokenized Net Asset value independent of the price of any single crypto-asset. 

They are Innovative, Unique, and Profitable
and provide Diversification, Simplicity, Knowledge, Transparency, and Liquidity 


      NEMESIS are two different tokens.
Aswan is a token oriented to operate with the main cryptoactives
and the Zaken is a token to operate with the main DEFI!





Please listen/read what the creator said about them:

Aswan token is denominated in USDT or Tethers, "stablecoin",  with which it can be acquired,
and it is composed of main cryptocurrencies with high revaluation potential.

This is the current variable composition according to the analysis of the token managers:
BCH 8.06222352%
BTC 46.32723695%
ETH 8.68799398%
XRP 12.89982459%
LINK 9.14364131%
USDT 14.87907965%

ASVAN will incorporate new cryptoactives to reduce the weight of BTC and Tether so that
it does not exceed 50% for the first and 30% for the second.


ZAKEN Token has a higher risk and volatility profile,  but also it has a much higher yield potential. 

The  portfolio of Zaken token is composed on one hand with BTCs and on the other hand with a combination of DeFis tokens.
Zaken is denominated in BTC, the crypto currency with which the token can be acquired, and this is the current variable composition according to the analysis of the token managers:

"BTC which this week moves in a range of 20 - 55 and most prominent DeFis tokens in a proportion of between 45 - 80%, with tokens such as:
LINK, KSM, SORA, OM, UNI, XDAI, UMA, BAL, NMR, RFUEL, BAND, MKR, RSR. ZAKEN will incorporate new DeFis,
and they can enter and exit their tokens from the portfolio repeatedly looking for the maximum possible return while maintaining a balance with the greater risk inherent in this token."


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