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We are  proud to present to you Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo,
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He is a famous Spanish entrepreneur. He has been a music producer, film director, radio host, television host, casino player, and even bullfighter's agent.  In the nineties, he gained tremendous fame for having beaten the casinos with his roulette system.

As a radio broadcaster, he worked in the 1970s on Radio España, Radio Nacional de España, and he is the founder of Popular FM.  In Antena 3 de Radio, in 1982, he presented the program Los 33 de Antena 3. Afterward, he did it on the Carlos Herrera program and Blacksmith in the Wave of Wave Zero.

As a music producer, he produced a total of 130 albums and founded the Gong Records Label.  Among the albums produced are Quilapayún, Víctor Jara, Silvio Fernández Melgarejo, Pablo Milanés or Carlos Puebla, as well as the first albums of Labordeta, Luis Pastor, Hilario Camacho, Amancio Prada, Carlos Cano, Benito Moreno and groups as Triana, Barra Libre, Granada, Gualberto, Tílburi, Goma, Lole and Manuel, and María Jiménez. 

One of his last work was the tribute album to Jesús de la Rosa, leader, singer, and keyboardist of the Triana group, and the disc Michigan Avenue of the Sevillian singer Fernando Arduan.

For his long music career, Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo is known as one of the parents of Andalusian Rock, and for the fusion between Flamenco and Andalusia Folk music with Rock and Pop music. He also holds the world record in the number of albums produced in one year! 

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Gonzalo García-Pelayo is considered a genius in the field of  Spanish Art  
His film “Living in Seville” is considered one of the 100 best Spanish films in history
and one of the best 900 films worldwide!

After starting Philosophy and Letters at the University of Seville, Gonzalo García-Pelayo went to Paris and entered the Madrid Film School.  He was not able to finish it because the school closed down. 

He has directed thirteen feature films: Manuela (1976), based on the homonymous novel by Manuel Halcón, the comedy Living in Seville (1978), Exchange of couples facing the sea (1978),  Corridas de Joy (1982), and Rocío and José (1982). 

He came back to cinema thirty years later with Alegrías de Cádiz (2012), feature film premiered at the Vienna Festival "Viennale 2013"
on November 3, 2013.  During that festival, his previous 5 films were also screened: Girls (2014), premiered at the Lisbon-Estoril Festival;  Copla (2014), premiered at the LisboaDoc Festival; I Love Being Loved (2014); Everything is Color (2015); and the triptych: On the Fly,
Girls 2, The Wounded Women
. The triptych was filmed simultaneously in 2016 for a free display on the internet. 

Today, Gonzalo García-Pelayo is most famous not for his art, but for having beaten the casinos in the nineties with his outstanding roulette system based on the minimal imperfections of the roulette tables.  He used to say: "If Swiss watches and NASA rockets have flaws, then so do roulette wheels" and patiently collected the data.  He has come with a perfect probability system that won him and his family well over 1.5 million Euros.  That story was brought to a big screen with the movie The Pelayos, which trailer you can watch below.
If you like to research it a little more, here is a good article: 

Afterwards, Gonzalo wrote the book The Fabulous Story of The Pelayos which was published in 2003 detailing the account of the family’s triumph over the roulette wheel. The family was also the inspiration for the documentary 
Breaking Vegas: The Roulette Assault that played on The History Channel.  


Gonzalo García-Pelayo has proven to be a great strategist and a great winner in each of the fields in which he has ventured.  He is the only person in the world who has developed proven winning systems for casinos, horse races, pools, sports betting, and poker.

His extensive career path trajectory made him a master in analyzing a system and getting it to work for him.  He has transformed the casino industry, and now he is revolutionizing the cryptocurrency industry. 
He has poured all his talents and winning experience into MindCapital.

Together with a team of experts in mathematics, investments, and technology, he has studied the evolution of the main crypto assets, the sale prices in different currencies,  the optimum moments to buy and sell.   After many years of research, they have optimized the system to achieve maximum profitability.  

The prestige that precedes Gonzalo García-Pelayo is a guarantor of trust, his experience in financial matters is a guarantor of success. He is a winner! Join the MindCapital platform and be a winner too! 
Starting with just $40 contribution, you can participate in MindCapital platform and profit from the daily returns obtained by its trading. 

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